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The Eastern Courier has run a storey on the latest DPA in Unley addressing the Government 30 year plan.

If you missed it you can access the electronic version at this link 

As many of you know Jennie and I have door knocked the most affected areas to make sure everyone to make sure every resident was aware of the changes. We were also keen to make sure that everyone with an opinion, positive OR negative respond to the survey.

Our exercise was not about lodging complaints, although I suspect the vast majority will be just that. If there are people who believe the changes to be good then we want to know that too.

It is not for us (Jennie & I) to persuade you either way but what we absolutely want is to know that we know your thoughts on it. Without this knowledge we can not make decisions that truly reflect the reasoned opinions of our people.

For me this is double jeopardy as not only will I be required to make a decision on what we put to the minister I am also on the committee that will hear the public submissions and which will then make recommendation to the council.