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Last night the Development, Strategy & Policy Committee reviewed our administration’s recommendations for DPA 2 and has made its own revised recommendation to Council.

The committee last night debated each individual recommendation presented by our administration and made a number of variations to those recommendations. Once the minutes of the meeting are available I will cut and past them to a new blog.

At the end of the day people power, in making reasoned argument. has won the day.

What was a flawed plan now has some merit. I will not pretend it is perfect; nothing of this nature is. What I can say however is that the arguments put by the residents of Black Forest and Clarence have been viewed as having credibility and therefore pretty much accepted.

The end result is that Clarence Park has returned to it’s current zoning parameters and Black Forest has seen the regeneration in the south limited to Emerson Drive and even that at only 2 storey. Black Forest north east has reverted back to its original zoning too.

The committee has had its say and now it is up to council.

The motion is to the effect that these changes be incorporated into a new document for public consultation, set for February next year in all likelihood and then subject to what happens then onto the Minister, Mr Rau.