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Along with how many extra people can be accommodated by DPA2 this is a question that must be asked?……and answered!

I have blogged before that Unley believe we have accommodated the numbers the Government calculated would be Unley’s contribution to the projected Adelaide population growth over the next 30 years. This was achieved with the Corridors Development Plan Amendment DPA 3.
The DPA allowed for up to 7 storey development along Greenhill Road with panoramic views over the South Parklands. Increased density with 30 degree set backs to reduce the impact on the visual amenity and with plenty of green open space at their front door to compliment the increase in population.
It also allowed for 3 storey development and the possibility of 5 storeys along the northern end of Unley Road, down to Unley central. This DPA provided for mixed use development potential allowing for retail on the bottom floor and residential above.
Beyond that and not highlighted in the publications provided for DPA2 the Council is looking at rezoning what we call Unley Central. That is the tract of land including the Unley Shopping Centre on the west side of Unley Road, and north up to Mary Street.It also takes in the Civic Centre on the east side of the road.
This is an area that currently has no height limitation but is restricted in the type of development that can occur. This restriction I am sure has inhibited potential redevelopment in the past. Like the northern end of Unley Road above we are considering mixed use in this area.
A height restriction will be introduced but it is likely to be in the order of 7 storeys, maybe as high as 10. Mixed use options will allow scope for imaginative development that allows for retail and residential, cultural and entertainment at the lower levels and vast open space that would work to serve the residents that would live in the higher floors.
The potential  is that we could provide the opportunity for a self contained, self sufficient and therefore sustainable “village” in what is the heart of Unley. This would surely provide sufficient extra population numbers to satisfy the governments growth projections.
Having seen preliminary sketches of the open areas I am certain that this is a much more worthwhile DPA to pursue than the current DPA2, which surely cannot produce numbers sufficient to warrant it being implemented.