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Received an email from one of my neighbours this morning to report success with taking an issue she raised with me direct to DPTI.

The issue concerned getting access across the temporary pedestrian access over Victoria Street. Taking her kids from west to east to school in the morning and back again each afternoon was not possible as her cargo bike could not traverse the “maze” as she called it.

This is an issue previously taken up by me and one of the temporary setups addressed this. I thought all was well but clearly the thought of access for cargo bikes, gophers, wheelchairs has since been lost. It is back on the agenda however.

She was pleased and I am pleased to report that her concerns were recognised and that she spoke to Lisa at DPTI who was quote “wonderful”. She is organising for an appropriate person to meet her at the crossing to work through issues today or early next week.

A good move because this would force people on foot to revert to cars and add to the burden of vehicular traffic in what was always a congested Goodwood Road.


Thank you Lisa and DPTI