DPTI just does not get it

Two issues have arisen in the last week in the western wards of the City of Unley where (as we all know) there are several projects being undertaken in the rail corridor by DPTI on behalf of the State Government. One concerns cracking in my house, the second a traffic detour over Easter through residential streets.

The first of these I naturally have taken up with DPTI, not really as a concerned resident but to highlight the potential for problems for DPTI for yet again not recognising their responsibility to those that may be impacted by their work. My house was subjected, as where our neighbours early last week to what has been described as earthquake like vibrations.

We experienced cracking, albeit very minor; thankfully. A neighbour lost items off their overhead cupboard such were the vibrations experienced in their house.

I am concerned, not for my cracks (unless future works cause more significant cracking), but for the potential for the houses of other people living adjacent the corridor when the ballast is compacted by the heavy roller to experience worse than have I. I am also concerned that this occurred without any warning from DPTI.

Ballast was laid near my house in the last week and a heavy vibrating roller used to compact it. The vibrations so severe and loud so as to cause my wife and our grand daughter to flee the house thinking it was unsafe. People at the very least need to be warned about this before similar work is carried out in their backyard as it where.

Whilst the Principal Contractor and DPTI have been regular in providing updates and keeping residents in the Victoria Street vicinity the message has not got to the “other” contractors working on other sections of the line. This is a great way to get a group of residents who have shown understanding and tolerance to a project that should bring long term benefits to this state to term against them like the residents further north. And this is a DPTI responsibility, not their contractors.

And while I am battling this with DPTI (they have offered to check my house damage- not necessary however because I am a building inspector and am happy it is only minor) we get the advice that detours will be required for traffic over Easter when the Emerson Crossing is closed down to replace rails and ballast in that area. A number of people on hearing where they intend to detour are again distressed that DPTI have not consulted and appear not to have given any thought to the implications of the detour routes on local residents.

These people claim that the detours could use South Road, Leader Street and Goodwood Road rather than Leah Street and East Avenue.

Yes, you can be excused for thinking they just don’t get it.

In the meantime Jennie & I continue to have to put other “spot fires” out concerning these rail projects, even though they are not council projects. And some residents are still under the misapprehension that Council have control over what is or is not going on. Depending on how these are handled I may be ptuuing pen to paper very shortly.

Another sick (sorry six) months to go.

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  1. Jutta Galbory   •  

    I thought it was an earthquake, or pack of heavy trucks passing my back fence in the rail corridor. To say the earth shook is nothing; my windows shook so much I expected they’d shatter and ran outside to see what was causing the shaking. Did not ring the DPTI help line because I have no faith in what I am told there, given my past experiences.

    When I asked DPTI to honour the offer made me months earlier to have an assessment made of my property I was told that I was not within 25 meters. When I asked “25 meters from where?” Ms Moore was unable to tell me; said she’d find out. I still have no clear understanding of why my property was excluded when next door (sasmee park) is included.

    The conclusion I’ve come to is that this decision was not based on any scientific data such as geographic structure etc. but rather on cost savings; Other people who have not accepted Ms Moores initial ‘No’ eventually got a promise of a delapidation report out of her. I believe that equity should rule this type of decision, not the amount of insisting any individual is prepared to submit themselves to.

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