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If you live in Dunrobin Street you would already know that residents have their chance to have a say after the receipt of an Arborists Report and a Building Inspection Report.

The aborist report I can say has identified two trees that should be removed. The Inspection report has indicated the adjacent trees are not causing structural interference to the houses that were thought to compromised.

Anyone in Dunrobin Street reading this post and has not sent in their response to our survey, please do it now because you only have until Friday of next week, the 2nd November.

To cut to the chase what we are asking people is three questions:


Would you support the removal and replacement of all (or the majority of) trees with a new species of tree, decided in consultation with Dunrobin St stakeholders?

If no then you don’t need t say anything else.
If Yes to above would you prefer:



A Staged approach to removal & replacement (potential 3 year program?) OR


All trees removed simultaneously in Year 1?