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Well Done to our Road Safety Committee. They have requested more research not the best location for a refuge that our community consultation reveals is desirable for this precinct.

I attended last night’s Road safety Committee and was pleased at their approach to the question of where to put the refuge.

The location adjacent Dunrobin Street got the thumbs up from our recent public consultation. Trouble is locating it so close to a bus stop has DPTI concerned. The rightfully have pointed out that people may feel they can alight the bus and walk behind it and access the refuge without looking out for cars.

So after going out to consultation we find we have not done our research prior to consultation meaning we have egg on our face. Sounds a familiar storey for people in the Goodwood South Ward.

Two options are being looked at in light of this, one north of Fairfax and the other between Meredyth and Irwin (opposite Forest). Trouble is the design presented for the later (and preferred model) is schematic only and we cannot be sure it is workable.

So the committee quite rightly have sent it back for a more detailed analysis so we don’t go out again to the public and find we can’t do what we have promised and got approval for.