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Not only is East-West connectivity not addressed in the North-South Corridor reference design, it has been exacerbated.

I trust you have read my two blog posts yesterday. The first, “public scrutiny is invited”. The second,” influence the design”. More to the point I trust you will take up my invitation and take advantage of the Department of Infrastructure and Transport seeking your input.

In yesterday’s blog, and in previous blogs, I have documented where they have not yet heard us. Two major concerns need to be addressed. Concerns the next phase of public consultation provides the opportunity to reinforce.


Concerns identified in my blog post “Black Forest has been saved”. If you agree with me, please reinforce this in your submission/s to the DIT project team.  Please help me to help you.

Recent observations on my part since writing that blog, will I suggest, exacerbate the concerns I have expressed. The design has changed in ways that require further consideration.

The first is east-west connectivity. An area that is vital to the health and well-being of the community. Our residents, our businesses and community groups.

The second major concern is traffic disruption during construction.

The changes may be subtle but are impactful.

First up the footbridge over South Road appears even longer than two previous versions I have sighted. This, in my view, extends the chances of this option not being used as a connection between Glandore children and the School.

Another is the abolition (at this stage) of right-hand turns into South Road from Anzac Highway. This takes away the opportunity to access and the benefit of the pickup-drop off bay in front of the school.


Addison Rd South Rd intersectionReading a more detailed plan demonstrates that Addison Road will not be accessible for entry from South Road. Addison Road residents will be pleased to know this. Not so, others identified in that blog. I speak of Byron Road and of East Avenue, Clarence Park, extending the impact further.

I have now learnt that the construction time frame for constructing the northern portal of the southern tunnel will be 5 years, not the 2 years I was imagining.

The disruption to traffic extends exponentially and, therefore, becomes an even greater challenge. They (DIT) apparently are planning to promote South Road traffic remaining on South Road during construction and not entering the local traffic network.

I need convincing that this will be the case. I am sure you will too.