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The Election Count has commenced as a number of candidates await anxiously their fate.

While Clarence Park does not have an election and there is also no election for the Mayoral position all other City of Unley Wards have an election and the candidates have been out on the pavement seeking to let ratepayers know what they are offering.

Goodwood has 4 candidates, Unley 4, Parkside 5, Fullarton 5, and Unley Park 5.

Without a mayoral election count and of course for Clarence Park we may see the count completed today. If not it will continue on tomorrow.

Anyone interested in keeping in tabs with the count can do so by following this link to the Electoral Commission site.

At the completion of the count there will be a provisional declaration.

The final declaration will come later and the successful candidates sworn in on Monday 17th November…..and then we are off and running with a heavy pre-Christmas agenda. The best way to introduce the newbies into the fold.