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This afternoon I decided I needed to take a break and turn off for a while and this gave me an opportunity to unexpectedly experience the new 4000 electric train.

I felt an afternoon at Adelaide Oval was in order watching the Victorians crawl toward a draw after South Australia had them on the ropes. Of course I was not there 10 minutes and I ran into a resident from Fairfax Street Millswood and also residents from Cowper Road Black Forest.

This worked a treat once I found my own seat because such nail biting activity on the part of the Vics helped me simply drift away from all the activity that has recently consume me.

What I did not realize was I would find my first venture to Clarence Park Railway Station I would catch the new 4000 electric train.

It was a smooth and quite ride and I enjoyed it. The aisles were quite wide making it much easier to get from one end of the train to the other. This should prove beneficial.

The only downside was I felt the seats could have been wider than they are and the width of the aisle would suggest it may have been possible. I feel they are the same width as the trams.

All in all I give it a big tick.

And I reckon the train full of passengers checking it out would agree with me. The biggest number of passengers I have ever seen on a Sunday.