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Face to Face consultation with affected residents is envisaged by the DPTI team as they move forward on the Electrification of the Noarlunga Rail Line. Consultation will therefore be one on one with those who show an interest.

While there are strict requirements for public consultation by local government State Government Departments can choose that of the least line of resistance.
Elected members were briefed on Monday night on the approaching electrification. Your ward councillors were not impressed at the level of consultation proposed for this project.

The department envisage the commencement of work in 2013. This will be preceded by their form of public consultation. That is, apart from web site information, newsletters etc, to talk face to face or one on one with concerned residents. This is set to happen later in the year.

A faster, cleaner and greener rail network is a project by the State Government to be applauded. I personally, as a resident but 20 metres from the line look forward to a quieter rail system.

As with all projects there is a price to pay and some will bear a greater cost for the common good.  It is possible that all vegetation that overhangs the overhead wires will be trimmed back so that they don’t interfere with the system.

I pushed the point during their presentation that the residents along Cromer Parade, Canterbury Terrace and along Parker Terrace deserve an opportunity to be briefed as a group. They share the same issues and I noted that many were concerned about a loss of their amenity.

A similar exercise when the tram corridor was being upgraded to allow for the South Road overpass produced positive results for all and there is no reason why this should not be repeated.