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The first meeting of the newly badged “Goodwood Oval Reference Group” met tonight for the first time; and there was some frank discussion in the group with issues impacting on the Oval precinct in the near future. This includes the upcoming master planning of Goodwood Oval and nearby Millswood Reserve.

The meeting started with members introducing themselves. Each club was represented, two residents represented their neighbours, three councilors were present and one member of council’s staff.

It was agreed that one of the resident representatives chair this and subsequent meeting. He will also keep a record of the discussions of the meeting.

The meeting was briefed on the structure and format of the new meetings. The group understand that they are a reference group and not a decision making committee of council. This will not stop them from making requests of Council, be it administrative in nature to the member of staff that will be present or via their elected members if there is a request of council in a strategic area.

We were also briefed about the upcoming master planning process for the precinct. Tenders will be cancelled soon to start this process off. In anticipation of this their was an exchange of views regrading the wishes of the Hockey Club and Tennis.

Finally the Goodwood Tennis Club were challenged over their use of large logo sponsors signs on new shade cloth. The club has become aware after resident complaints from a month ago that they require approval for any signage. Under the lease to Tennis SA council approval is required for any signage and council would definitely take on the views of residents before providing approval.

I felt discussions between the club and residents may have actually come up with a solution that could prove workable. Having said that the club indicated they would have further discussions with their sponsors and with council, and hope to have a solution enacted prior to the group’s next meeting.

This meeting showed the power of community groups working together. Another example of how those in the west of Unley are showing the rest of Unley how it should be done.

Watch this space for more reports from this group.