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After the successful Parklet trial mid year last year as part of Council’s long term vision for the King William Road Precinct the first of two Parklets has been constructed at the corner of King William Road and Opey avenue.


This Parklet, otherwise known as a temporary public space, has been created within the footprint of two car-parks in Opey Street outside Cotto. It will provide areas for people to meet gather and enjoy the local environment.

A second parklet will be constructed outside Nutrition Republic. Both should be operational within the next week.

parklet under construction in Opey Street

parklet under construction in Opey Street


Focusing more on giving people a reason to visit and stay (a focus on people) rather than were they can park (a focus on cars) these new parklets should help to revitalize Adelaide’s premier retail strip. It will create new life.

Available under licence fr a 12 month period they will provide great opportunity for people to stay in the precinct in a similar manner to shopping centres. After 12 months, new locations to relocate the Parklets will be sought from the local community.

The Cotto Parklet will seek to create a safe and welcoming setting for young families to visit King William Road and for children to spend time within the precinct. The Parklet will provide activities to entertain children as well encourage local music, face painting and food displays throughout the year.

Nutrition Republic will provide a social setting for people to pause and relax whilst they are out walking their dog, going for a run or ride, or after a local yoga class. The Parklet will also host a range of community demonstrations around health and wellness and welcome the input of other local businesses.

The Parklets are expected to be open for public use by the 31st of January.

The Parklets will be smoke and alcohol free and will not be solely used for the purpose of outdoor dining. They are to remain public spaces for all to use.”

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