Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

The fast tracking of the conversion of Unley’s footpaths from bitumen to brick paving will continue based on my understanding of our current, yet to be finalised budget.

When I was elected to Council in November of 2010 the program had stalled to almost a snails pace. Originally designed to be completed I believe in 15 years it still had at least that time to go as the program as it stood at that time had it taking until 2030.

Your Goodwood South Councillors stood alone in pushing the acceleration for the program and with a new and receptive administration that worked hard to find a way we could bring the program in our long term budget. Jennie & I have remained vigilant with this and have requested our administration to provide the program of upgrading the remaining streets.

We have yet to receive this information but what I can tell you is two fold:

  1. The program will be complete in 4 years.
  2. We know the streets they (administration) are proposing to include in the upcoming budget for next year.

I cant reveal these streets yet because they need approval as we enter the final phases of determining this years budget. As soon as it is finalised I will confirm the streets that make the final cut.

So, even if your street misses out this year, it will be completed before the term of the next Council comes to an end.