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Jennie and I have unsuccessfully sought from our administration which streets are earmarked for which years that are left in the short life left in the program. This we are being advised is because it may foster false hope. 

What we can confirm is the program is on track to be completed in the 2018/19 year. That is of course, subject to the whim of the next Council

The streets in Goodwood South that are include in this coming years budget are:

Hammond Avenue, 
Cromer Parade, 
Lynton Avenue and 
Birkdale Avenue.

Something that both Jennie & I will be championing is that there is no change to this program going forward. It is the pair of us who re-accelerated the program 3 years back for the benefit of all the residents, and businesses of Unley, not just Goodwood South.

The next Council need to be encouraged to keep this program up and allow it to be completed and not, as has happened in the past, be allowed to slow down in favour of other projects felt more politically desirable at the time.

With the footpath outside the home of yours truly still being bitumen you can be assured, if I am returned in November, that I will keep the pressure on for the program to be completed in the time frame set by this Council.