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Candidate Nominations Finalised for the City Of Unley

17 September 2014
City of Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne has been returned to office unopposed after the close of candidate nominations today. Also returned unopposed were Councillors Don Palmer and Jennie Boisvert for the Clarence Park Ward (formerly Goodwood South Ward).
At 4pm yesterday, the Deputy Returning Officer for the Electoral Commission announced there will be 5 elections for the City of Unley’s Local Government Elections 2014. The following 23 candidates have been approved and will appear in the following order on ward ballot papers:
Goodwood Ward1. Luke Smolucha
2. Bob Schnell
3. Benjamin Holland
4. Tom Jones 
Fullarton Ward1. Peter Kurtze
2. Peter Hughes
3. Anthony Lapidge
4. Dario Centrella
5. Megan Fender
Parkside Ward1. Bruce Holland
2. Ben Pudney
3. John Koumi
4. Ian Goodwin-Smith
5. Mike Hudson
Unley Ward1. Rufus Salaman
2. David Ng
3. Teresa Wieczorek
4. Michael Hewitson
Unley Park Ward1. Jeffrey Pudwell
2. Rob Sangster
3. Imelda Lynch
4. Elizabeth Bleby
5. Michael Rabbitt
Councillors Michael Saies and Denise Tipper have not renominated.
Ballot papers will be issued to all residents from the 20 – 24 October 2014.  Completed ballot papers must be received by no later than 5pm Friday 7 November. There will be a ballot box in the Unley Civic Centre for those residents who prefer to submit their vote in person rather than by post.