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Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Jamie Briggs today confirmed today the Federal Government will hold good to their promise re the Darlington Interchange, with a bonus. The good news for residents of Black Forest is the funding covers the section of road from Darlington through to Anzac Highway.

This may include an overpass at the Black Forest Primary School because it (the crossing) will stop what will otherwise be a continuous non stop road.
The initial funding is $ 8.5m out of their full $ 500 million package for the whole of South Road covers the interchange and they are working with the State Government to ensure the project starts as soon as possible. The Darlington Interchange will be the clear focus of the project but work is expected in time on making South Road a 6 lane highway as it were with some 63 current intersections removed. This will mean the incidence of southern rat runners will reduce when completed because access into Black Forest will be available only for locals.
Not sure how that will be accommodated and I wonder if DPTI do either, yet. Yes, whilst Federally funded it is a State Government Project and therefore DPTI will design and project manage  the project.
For those with an interest in the northern end of South Road planning of the Torrens Road to Torrens River will continue using funding provided by the last Federal Government.
Jamie Briggs indicated he is looking forward to working closely with the State Government to plan and deliver this vital piece of infrastructure for the benefit of all South Australians.  And my understanding is that the design and implementation will not vary irrespective of which party wins the March State election.