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Do you give a root about salvaging Unley’s tree canopy? If you do then I recommend you do two things now. Right now.

The first thing I am asking you to do is to read the rest of this blog post and follow its direction to Council’s website. In other words, please give a root.

Unley Trees that give a rootMost Unley ratepayers and certainly readers of this blog site know how hard we have been working to address the loss of tree canopy suffered over the last decade. You would also be aware that we cant achieve our goals without your help and participation. The reason is that 80% of the City of Unley is privately owned.

To assist you, we have developed a new information resource which is live on our website. This is a tool to assist you and all private landholders to select appropriate trees for their property. There are 31 factsheets of popular tree species including a variety of sizes and a mixture of native, ornamental, and fruit tree ideas.

To help address the questions you and your neighbours have been asking around “can you suggest any trees that suit the local area?”, we have developed a simple tree selection list.

Check them out on the website here or you can use the address

Next, the second thing I recommend you do is to visit the Unley Museum. We have on display a fun, informative, and interactive exhibition about our humble leafy friends, trees. The Who gives a root about trees? Do you? exhibition.

The exhibition should surely motivate you to plant a suitable tree on your property as part of your contribution to solving our loss of canopy cover. And a hard copy version of the information available on our website will be available at the exhibition.