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My Co-councillor, Jennie Boisvert and I have posted many blogs on the Goodwood Junction project. Unfortunately not many of them hold the State Government in very good light. Well it seems it is just getting worse, no longer by the week, or the day but now by the minute.

Residents in and around Victoria Street Goodwood, who we have been told time and again by DPTI have been consulted and are in favour of what is happening are coming to us distressed and angered by what is happening and for NOT being told about it.

As I mentioned in a recent blog I am now struggling to hold DPTI to account. It is the State Government who should be hung, drawn and quartered for what is happening.

On the weekend I had to placate a number of residents who firmly believed that a house was to be demolished to allow access for bulldozers to dig the tunnel that is the Goodwood Junction project. This is not correct.

Today I now find someone distressed because houses are to be demolished to allow for parking for heavy equipment to park during the time of the project.
Also incorrect.

Both Incorrect but Government you are responsible for this… for creating an environment that allows for anguish to grow through avoidance (and it does not matter why the avoidance) of keeping your people in the loop.

This is NOT A COUNCIL responsibility….so Steph Keys….we need to see you.

PS     And while this is going on we have Bob Such championing the need to make Councils more accountable. Bob, time to make North Terrace accountable mate!