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Council has just received another briefing on the Goodwood Junction (7 days before the Victoria Road crossing is closed) and based on what I think I heard tonight I cant wait to see the cries of satisfaction tomorrow night.

We heard from a DPTI who look like they are ready to start the project. By that I mean it feels like they finally know what they will be doing and how they will be going about it. In saying that let us remember that they were set a task that looked impossible to fulfill with time lines that did not allow them to consult but do what they have done….. design, redesign, redesign and then go back to plan A…. and then inform.

I am sure I heard right when being advised that the majority of the soil being excavated for the tunnel WILL be going down the rail corridor. Yes you heard me and if you don’t believe me come along to the meeting tomorrow night at the Goodwood Primary School.

We (Council) were informed many months ago that most of the excavation will go down the rail corridor and catch this some north, some south. This conflicts with recent information that it could not go down the corridor. Confused. You should be, I am.

Seems recent answers from them have been on the assumption we/you were asking about the current preliminary works which could not go down the corridor.

Indeed, to  minimise disruption they are planning to use 5 routes. I think that is what I heard.

Lets is see what is said tomorrow night.