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This project IS being moved forward with a Development application before the State Government’s Development Assessment Commission. No not Councils Development Assessment Panel.

Council will be submitting a representation to the DAC highlighting issues we wish to have addressed before it is considered for approval. Representations from anyone with an interest are to be submitted no later than 5 September. Representations are to be addressed to GPO Box 1815, Adelaide 5001. Queries should be addressed to Simon Neldner on 8303 0662.

After downloading the 4 volumes of information from the Development Assessment Commission website and having, with Jennie, attended on the site of the works with members of the DPTI project team I am getting i think a good handle on the project parameters.

What I can say is DPTI has addressed a number of issues already raised with them and taken advice on logistical issues suggested by me. I can proudly say that my suggestion that the south east corner of the showgrounds would be a more appropriate works depot than the Millswood Hockey Club ground has been taken on board.

Having said that we have been advised a secondary works depot will be set up on the opne area to the east of the driveway of the Millswood Lawn Tennis Club.

I am still studying the DAC documents and will contribute to Unley’s representation.

The biggest reservation I think Jennie and I BOTH have is not directly related to the project but with possible implications of this projects impact on the Brownhill Creek Stormwater project and vice versa.