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I can now confirm, for those who may not have recieved notice, that there will be TWO public meetings organised by Steph Keys regarding the Goodwood Junction project.

After speaking with her office I can confirm as follows:

1   Two meetings will be held, both on Thursday night coming (the 4th December) at the Goodwood Primary School.

2   The first meeting will be commencing at 6.00pm and is intended to form a resident’s action group.

3   The second meeting is a Q&A session commencing at 7.00pm with officials from DPTI answering your questions.

Questions will be answered on the three projects affecting the rail corridor through Unley including  obviously on the Junction, but also on the Rail Electrification and the Greenways projects.

If you want answers and want to be heard take advantage of Steph’s in initiative. If you have any specific questions you need answered you may wish to forward your question onto her office ASAP.

Her Office contact details are:

Phone:   08 8371 5600
Fax:       08 8371 5211
Email:   [email protected]