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Meetings today with employees of DPTI and later with local Ashford MP, Steph Keys have been fruitful on the one hand, yet disturbing on another.

Not sure what to report but here goes.

This post is concentrating on the impact this project has on
the Brownhill Creek Keswick Creek stormwater project design.

The most important positive to come out of the meetings that Jennie and I attended confirms that the Stormwater Culverts that are part of the Brownhill Creek Keswick Creek (BCKC) Stormwater project will be determined by the Stormwater Management Authority as part of the BCKC project and not DPTI as part of the Goodwood Junction project.

From what I understand the culverts in the Unley area are not yet on the drawing board as the focus currently is on those in the City of West Torrens.Where they cross the train lines is therefore yet to be confirmed.

We have also been advised that the work on the drains will not be bought forward to co-incide with the Goodwood Junction project. This makes sense because we have yet to determine just how feasible the No Dam option is. Culvert sizes in this area will be impacted by the Dam v No Dam option. The advice we have from DPTI is that finding the right place to cross is proving difficult because the space to accommodate the drains is not available or very tight.

It has been suggested that the Goodwood Junction can not proceed until there is some acceptance of where the drains will cross the train line so they can accommodate this now rather than see tunneling under the lines at a later date. If this is the case then either the determination of dam or no dam has to be resolved this year in time for the Goodwood Junction to proceed or the Junction has to be delayed.