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Meetings today with employees of DPTI and later with local Ashford MP, Steph Keys have been fruitful on the one hand, yet disturbing on another.

Again not sure what to report but here goes.

This post is concentrating on concerns I still have with the project program.
The meetings that Jennie and I had with DPTI and with Steph Keys, whilst fruitful still leave me with cause for concern.
Jennie & I are just councillors of the City of Unley and we found ourselves highlighting issues with the process employed on this project that neither the Government or the project management team would appear to have been aware of. We highlighted a number of issues that were obvious to us as issues requiring solving before the project commences, including both design issues and logistical issues.
Pleasingly these have been taken on board both by DPTI and by Steph, your local MP.
Some readers of this blog site will be aware of some of these issues (because of our one on one communication) and those that do know that I am pursuing answers to them. I might refrain on listing them here at this time.
What I will say however, and I expressed this at both meetings, is that it appears to me that the Government simply is not ready to commence this project. The design is still only at a basic concept stage and requiring much caressing before detailed design can commence. Too many issues need addressing also before detailed design can commence.
Locals have not been kept in the loop and catch this, the government are not in a position yet to consult because they don’t have enough information on which to consult. And they expect to commence construction work next January.
Short of a miracle or miraculous work by the project team I struggle to see the project commencing when the Government currently say it will.
Committing to proceed without being project ready is a recipe for disaster. The City of Unley found that our during my brief time on Council with the Glen Osmond Creek project.