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Questions are still being asked in spite of the Open Day put on by DPTI a few weeks back at SASMEE Park.

The major questions being asked right now concern haulage routes and the disruption that will cause residents who might not have thought they would get caught up in it.

Your local State MP, Steph Keys has picked up on this and is looking to arrange a public meeting, possible in the 1st week of December, date and venue as yet unconfirmed.  Steph is aware that haulage may well be the major focus of this session.

I have also received information that people need to be aware of in respect of what may be possible and I posted on that this morning on this blog site.

Another issue has been highlighted and given conversations with the Eastern Courier over the last two days I suspect this issue will be the topic of an article in next week’s publication. The issue is another raised by yet another astute resident and it concerns traffic flow at the tram crossing at the western end of Victoria Street.

This resident has identified that, once the train line crossing on Victoria Street is closed (set for I think the 10th December), locals wanted to travel north or east will have to first travel west to the tram crossing, increasing significantly the number of people wanting to access Leah Street form this location.

Trouble is they will have to wait, and wait, and wait for the flow of traffic at peak hour by the southern rat runners from East Avenue, let alone Aroha Terrace.

Whilst the Eastern Courier is likely to run this storey I have asked our Infrastructure Manager if he can liaise with DPTI at their next weekly meeting to establish if they have already identified this and have plans to accommodate it….OR… if not can they look into it before it becomes a problem.

Beyond all this I believe work might be about to commence in Forestville Reserve in preparation for the Brownhill Creek culvert diversions, would you believe, next week. And Steph was hoping to have a public meeting about this in January. If my information is correct about next week the horse will have bolted.

Watch this space as always for further updates, particularly about Steph Keys’ proposed public meeting.