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Firstly a big thank you to all the people who have spoken with my co-councillor & I about this project. In spite of most who have spoken to us indicating they have yet to be consulted by DPTI you have heard about it, researched it and made valuable and pertinent observations about the logistics of the project.

On the other side of the coin Jennie and I have been working hard to ensure the State Government do not tread all over you as they prepare to start the project. It has taken much of our focus.

Some of you have made representation on the Development Application submitted to the Development Assessment Commission, and I would suggest DPTI would be surprised by how many of you have, particularly given they believe you are all pretty much in favour of the project. We have been copied into much of this.

A number of you have simply put your thoughts to us and trusted we would pass it on, on your behalf. Jennie has summarised the main concerns on her last blog post at

The other major concerns are

1   how the project will impact on the Brownhill Creek project and this is a separate issue not the responsibility of DPTI. it must be dealt with through the Brownhill Creek management team.

2   what is going to happen to the strip of land affected and as I have blogged previously this is a council responsibility. Certainly we are looking for DPTI to be responsible for the cost of rectification but the future use of this land is for Coucnil to decide, in consultation with you. And this is being addressed as part of our current Community Assets Review which I have blogged on frequently.

In the meantime I can tell you all that we will be meeting with our staff tomorrow for an update on what progress we have made in negotiating a responsible solution with DPTI. watch this space for further updates.

By the way; my earlier predictions were that this project could not possibly be ready to start in January. It appears now that it will and maybe because they (the Govt) have been pushing ahead by calling tenders before the designs were ready and I guess you may have thoughts on that.