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The Goodwood Junction v Brownhill Creek and the mess that has inspired many in the community of Millswood to rise up in controlled anger has finally gone public. Well by way of an article at least …. in the local newspaper, The Eastern Courier.

The article can be found at

With residents and community groups all observing they have had little or no contact the time is nigh for the Government to respond.

They have advised council that up until now they have had nothing to go to the public with and you know what that is absolutely right. They have been stumbling from one issue to another, most found by examination of the documents that we at council have had access to, by Jennie & I.

The rumour is we will have a public meeting some time in October, I presume after the tenders for construction of the rail separation have been let; which means the session will be an information session.

No doubt the public will get to see what properties will be acquired and the reason why. No doubt the public will get to see what has had to happen in this region to accommodate the “no dam” option in Brownhill Creek.

I hope the “no dammers” appreciate what this suburb is sacrificing for their cause and my personal  flagging of what was likely to happen if the Junction went ahead without any reference to the Brownhill Creek requirement.

PS ……………………….. I trust whoever put the notice up on the fences at the easten end of Millswood Park blaming Council for what has or has not been going on would kindly remove them now that the real culprits have been identified.