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Goodwood Library is a treasured community facility. This is evident from a 1400 strong petition from our community which will be tabled on  Monday night at Council.

The petition calls for Council to maintain the current space and service at Goodwood Library. It also calls for Council to reject any proposal to diminish the size of Goodwood Library through leasing floor space for commercial purposes.


This petition clearly shows that the local community cherish the services currently offered by the Goodwood Library. The resident behind this petition Mary Kolusniewski presented a deputation to the last  Council meeting and with passion she has sought 1400 others to back up her plea.

This all started as I indicated in previously blogs with the community believing we were about to close the Library. It then changed to we were going to remove Toys from the Library to now we are going to lease space out. And this because of a media report that was factually incorrect. A report I suggest that many in our community believe to be accurate however because it easier to believe the press than to believe the Council.

I again find I have to reiterate that Council back in March only endorsed an undertaking to INVESTIGATE a number of possible options.

There has been NO decision to close any book  library.

The truth of the matter is Council is on a program of, as they must, reviewing all their services, one by one. It is currently the turn of our libraries to undergo a review. It is my belief that all current services offered to the community will retained and that we will be enhancing the service to accommodate the needs of our future community.

Please also remember that we have to undergo the research into possible ways of achieving the best possible service before going out to the public for their input. As I have previously indicated we are unlikely to have anything to put to the public until September and that this will help inform Council when they are likely to be faced with decisions on where to from here in March of next year.