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The Goodwood Oval & Millswood Park Sporting Complex Improvement Concept Plans have now been completed after an extensive public consultation and are to be put before Council next week for endorsement.

I have studied the concept plan in depth and I can say I am impressed with the work done by the Consultants Suter Planning an in particular Suzanne Suter.

Bearing in mind that what is being presented for endorsement is merely a concept plan any decision does not mean work on the ground is imminent. As a dual project with a combined budget of $ 8.26 m it will have to compete with other major projects in Council’s portfolio. This includes the Unley Oval redevelopment, Brownhill Creek Stormwater Mitigation, King William Road and soon, Unley Central.

What a decision does do is allow for detailed design to proceed with key components of the project. It also allows Council to be ready for grant funding that may, from time to time, become available.

No project of this size could be funded by Council alone, or even with contribution from the key stakeholders. Without an endorsed and budgeted concept we will never be in position to attract grant funding, whether from the State or the Federal Governments.

If you are interested in the plan you can find it on the Council website.