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Goodwood Oval & the Millswood Park sports complex will be the subject of master planning that will commence very soon.

I reported on this back in August and September of last year. I understand that tenders have been called and if not let yet will be soon to undertake the consultation needed to identify the issues we need to address at both complexes as we try to have both venues suitable for the Unley of the future.

Goodwood Oval has for some time now had a group of people interested in ensuring it is the best it can be for the community that uses it. The committee includes there councillors, Jennie & I and Bob Schnell for the Goodwood Ward. It also includes representatives of each of the sporting clubs that use the oval’s facilities.
Two resident representatives round out the committee. This is not enough we believe in order to satisfactorily have the views of the residents of the area catered for.
A letter co-signed by both Jennie & I and hand delivered to homes in the immediate vicinity of the Oval by Jennie is seeking applications form at least 2 more residents.
If anyone reading this blog believes they could contribute to the group please let me know.
This is an exciting time to get involved and an important time with the master planning to commence.

No such group exists for the Millswood complex. This will remain the same unless there is interest enough to have us look at it.