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Council’s Annual Business Plan and Budget were approved on Monday night without any change and Goodwood South is again a big winner.

The predicted rate change has been approved. And the program of works attributable to Goodwood South have remained unaltered although I notice when rereading my blog post of 11 May that the East Avenue road reseal and the gym equipment have been completed, coming out of this years budget.

Whilst the increase in rate revenue has increased 4.95% this does not mean the rates you pay will increase by 4.95%. What you pay; be it more, less or the same will depend on he valuation of your particular property. In individual properties, or at least individual residential areas my increase more or less than the increased adjudged by the Valuer General.

Interestingly while we have budgeted for collection of rates of $ 34.85 m we will be collecting on behalf of the State Government $ 1.09 m for the Natural Resource Management Levy. That is 3.12% of your rates will be going straight to the State Government. It never ceases to amaze me why we have to collect it.