Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

Yes. As the storey by Emmie Dowling in this weeks Eastern Courier says Council is looking to conduct a series of 6 local area traffic management surveys. Once complete the 6 surveys will have cost us $ 500,000 and will have covered the entire City of Unley.

And once again the west is leading the way, the example being the recent Black Forest Local Area Traffic Management survey. This was an initiative of Goodwood South’s proactive local Councilors; yours truly and my co-Councillor Jennie.

We successfully lobbied for the Black Forest LATM in the current year’s budget, having believed we had successfully lobbed for it last year. This study has been completed and a number of recommendations are ready to be implemented with a budget allocated for their completion. Regular readers of the blog will be aware that uncertainty over what the State Government have in store for the interaction of our suburban streets with South Road is delaying the start of the major components of the plan.

The next area to have an LATM is the Forestville area in Goodwood Ward. This is the area where a lack of a proper LATM saw the installation of speed humps in Leah Street demonstrating the need for properly conducted LATM’s.

It is nice to be ahead of the pack and leading the way.