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As many of you would be aware if you listen to 891 or watch either channel 7 or 9 news I have been active in ensuring that the Goodwood Road overpass concrete cancer safety issue is addressed as quickly and as safely as possible.

I am now happy to report that the work is underway.

Our staff, in conjunction with DPTI and in the short time since we first learnt there was a problem, have worked hard to

1   identify the extent of the problem with the walkway adjacent the rail bridge
2   assess the best material to use as a replacement
3  design a specification for the work and call tenders for the work and
4   determine a work program that will interrupt commuters (be it cars, bikes or by foot) the least

Expediting the process and at my request they (admin) have agreed to split the work into two components, demolition and replacement. Even though our engineers and those at DPTI were happy that the trains would not impact/vibrate the panels enough to cause further droppage, I felt that we should eliminate any risk that may still exist.

While on site yesterday with Spence Denny from 891 I notice one of the panels vibrate as a train crossed over. As a building inspector with my own business I was concerned that there remained a risk. Admin accepted my suggestion that earlier demolition was important to eliminate any risk that may still be lingering and not wait until replacement could be scheduled.

This has all happened and work will commence later this week as the sign above shows. Starting with the demolition of the concrete slabs.

In the meantime as I noted in my recent “danger, danger, danger” blog post which started all this we are still negotiating with DPTI re funding this work.