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The Under 8’s, 9’s and 10’s got to strut their stuff tonight under lights.

Well done again to the Goody Saints. Tonight they gave their juniors a chance to play under lights and a good night it was albeit a bit on the cold side.

The Saints played PHOS Camden and the boys had a great time playing at this time.

A couple of observations from yours truly…… firstly I noticed two umpires for the under 10’s. And I was thinking while watching the under 9’s that it would be good to get out there again and umpire (after a 20 year break that is). Any doubts as to whether I would be fit enough was dispelled when I saw 2 umpires come out for the late game.

The other observation……no toilets.

It may be a good idea for the club and council to work out how to ensure the toilets are available the next time he under age teams play at night. I will raise this at the next Goodwood Oval Advisory Group meeting.

Oh and thanks to the Goody Saints Facebook site for the photo I pinched from you. I forgot to take my camera.