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While the focus of the Greater Adelaide plan is on high-rise and in the City of Unley that looks like meaning Greenhill and Unley Road we must ask will it affect others in Unley?

My co-councillor Jennie and I were privy to a confidential briefing of how our Planners think we can achieve the Government’s goals in the area we live. It is just think tank stuff at this stage but what I can say is what is being suggested to put to the Government is an effort to retain the village living mantra that is the City of Unley.

We will soon be ready to seek your input soon and I will post a blog when I know when. Your input is vital so that we can be as sure as we can that when we go back to the government that we will truly be advocating accurately for you.

When the opportunity presents itself I look forward to your contribution. We can influence the future in spite of what might appear in the press.