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Our greening verges program is back again in 2020. You are eligible therefore to apply for a Greening Verges Incentive to assist in greening your verge (nature strip).


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The greening verges program has been going now, from memory, the last 5 years. It is a project I advocated for strongly back then.

The uptake of people applying to be part of greening verges has been good so far. This includes in the Clarence Park Ward. Notwithstanding this, it would be great to see more of us take up the offer.

Council is committing, for a limited number of successful applicants, to remove existing dolomite and replace it with 100 mm depth of soil at no cost to you. This means you will need to source and pay costs associated with plants, planting the verge and ongoing maintenance.

Applications are available online. Hard copies can be obtained at the Council Civic Centre. Applications close on Monday 28 September.

Don’t delay though. Spots will be allocated on a ‘first qualified in, first served’ basis.

Can I encourage you to take ownership of this. Greening our verges enhances our streetscapes and the kerb appeal of our street.

In addition to extra greenery, landscaping a verge contributes in many positive ways by:

  • providing a healthier environment for street trees
  • softening the effect of hard surfaces such as roads and footpaths
  • improving air quality
  • working as natural air conditioners through moisture in leaves
  • reducing stormwater run-off, and
  • providing habitat for small creatures like bees and butterflies.

Need Some Verge Garden Inspiration?

If you need some inspiration, our display verges at Edmund Avenue showcase a variety of plants and treatments that you could use to transform your verge into an attractive garden feature.

Take a stroll down Edmund Avenue, Unley and be inspired by contemporary, cottage, natural and formal layout examples, including different path ideas. They all meet the guidelines of safe plant choices and low plant heights to ensure good sight lines for road users.

To help you in selecting appropriate plants, a matching planting guide with suggested plant species is also available.