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It is not only residents of Goodwood, Millswood and Black Forest having to fight against the inflexibility of DPTI we now have it confirmed that others are experiencing similar anguish and and having to consider their response.

I have had officers from DPTI suggest that the residents of those suburbs in the City of Unley impacted by the rail corridor work have been precious and will make enemies of those further down the line who feel the continued protesting of the people in these suburbs will be seen as slowing the process of getting the trains back up and running. In other words how dare you slow down the chances for us to get back on the (improved) train system.
Well guess what. Seems that is not or no longer the case. The following article is worth reading the following article off Adelaide now..
And these guys do not have to contend with the Goodwood Junction, the Culvert Diversion, ir the Greenways projects.