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One of the City of Unley’s more recent success stories are heading west. The west of the City of Unley from their home of some 30 years in one of the village green cottages fronting Edmund Avenue and opposite the council offices/civic centre to the privately owner Goodwood Institute on Goodwood Road.

So successful has been this group that they have outgrown their accommodation and outgrown their name.

Over the past four years Urban Myth’s membership numbers have increased by 60%. To accommodate their growth, Urban Myth will be relocating in July 2012 from the small cottage in Edmund Avenue to the privately owned Goodwood Institute.

This is a good move in as much as there is a theatrical and entertainment link they can tap into in the west of Unley. Across the Road from the Capri Cinema, down the road from the Wayville Showgrounds they will be a good fit in this precinct. Good to see someone from the other side of King William Road see the benefits of residing in the west of our City of Villages.

Council will decide this month whether it will be supporting the move by continuing to subsidise their activities, to the tune of possibly $ 5,000.00 per annum.

For more information follow this link to an article written in Adelaide Now