Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

One of my election promises was to continue to pursue improvements to the new Planning & Design Code. You have an opportunity to help me do this.

The Planning & Design Code, created initially by then State Labor Planning Minister John Rau and adopted by the subsequent Liberal Government, has drawn condemnation from far and wide. The current Government has recognised this and is undergoing a review as we speak. A review in which they are seeking your input by the 12th of this month.

I implore you to do this. I can advocate as I have promised to do. Likewise, I can participate in determining what Council will say to the Government, but the real value will be if you speak directly to them. So, one of my commitments is to encourage you to participate in the conversation with the Government. In other words, improving the planning and design code needs all of us to participate.

If you value your built environment, I encourage you therefore to check out their website and take this opportunity to speak. It is an opportunity to influence what may or may not be possible to be built next door to you.

Likewise, if you value your natural environment, you should take the opportunity to speak. We all know what is happening to our tree canopy. The impact this is having on our amenity, let alone our health we all know as well.

An article in In Daily this week sums this up very well. I encourage you to read it and be inspired by it.

A feature of the Council’s submission in improving the planning and design code is to reinforce our position on finding ways to encourage an increase in tree canopy cover on private property. A position that includes investigating if using rates as a lever to achieve improved canopy cover is worthy of consideration.

Such a lever will require the approval of the Minister, Minister Champion. Let him know what you think about improving the planning and design code.