Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

Just as they did on so many occasions during the revitalization of the rail corridors through the City of Unley, and I might add from day 1, DPTI are at it again. This time as they gear up for what they say are safety inspired modifications to Greenhill Road.

Regular readers of this blog will probably predict what is next.

Yes DPTI are deflecting the angst being thrown at them by a different group of City of Unley residents using the magic word “Council”. When a resident expressed concern that all DPTI were doing was transferring a traffic issue from their commuter route to the back streets of Unley. Their response is you don’t have to worry because Unley Council are conducting a city wide LATM in the next financial year.

LATM stands for local area traffic management survey.

When I denied this with a typical Aussie response I was informed he knows because he has talked to Council. He was not impressed when one of the agitated in the audience exclaimed “and you know better than him even though he is an elected member”.

This reminds me of Jan 9 last year when the DPTI representative was loud is claiming Council would be building the Greenways bike-path. So much so that once again he claimed more knowledge than an elected member who actually has to approve Council conducting a project. Interesting that on that one that representative ended up taking over the project management of that project when a similar discourse with the residents adjacent that project was apparently not being handled to well by the project manager at the time.

So the scene is set yet again.

And if it goes the full course Council will be forced to step in a try an mitigate the problem that will be created if residents worst fears are found to be justified. Because that is what is happening at the end of that bike way. Yes we are spending rate payer money to make safe a situation created by DPTI

And then we have the new potential government threatening to cap our rates.

Oh the joy of it all.