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The proposed Cremorne Plaza is highlighting how Councils often simply can’t win. Council should be doing more to head the calls of their residents I am hearing.


Many of these people believe I suspect that Council can influence the Development Assessment Commission in reaching it’s decisions when it considers the development. The fact it is we have no influence.

How many of those protesting are aware that the Government changed to goal posts when it comes to assessment by providing that development of this size goes to their own Development Assessment Commission rather than Councils Development Assessment Panel. How many are not aware that one such reason for this is that Elected members of Council Development Assessment Panels they claim are likely to ignore the Development Plan under which the proposal is to be considered and looking to the political advantage of being influenced by voters.

Having said that council has, even though it has no legal status in the process, made representation to the DAC and the observation made pretty much mirror most of the issues being raised by the public. A copy of our position is in the public arena having been posted on our web site.

This has not stopped criticism in the local messenger paper with comments like our response is subdued. Th fact is we have made a submission, a mature one in the right arena.

With all the public utterances I wonder how many people have actually taken the time and the effort to themsleves make a submission to the DAC. Many will have and I applaud them. They are the ones who might make a difference by influencing the members of the DAC.

Many would rather air their grievance publicly which of course the DAC will not hear. These people will not influence the DAC, but will take the credit if the DAC refuses the application in this current form.

And the rest will say nothing believing it is a waste of time because no-one will listen. And when the result goes against them they will claim “I told you so”, a self fulfilling prophesy I would suggest.