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That is the title of an Eastern Courier Article this week by Megan Dillon which can be accessed here.

My Title might well read

Where are the Boomers?

I have been hearing predominantly for a number of years now from the Driver generation that the Baby Boomers area  lazy bunch that refuse to get out and volunteer. This article would tend to support this observation by the Drivers.

The counter argument from the Boomers is that they offer to volunteer only to be dictated to by the Drivers as to how to do something, when to do something and that you will do it my way and don’t argue. These Boomers argue that the Drivers are still treating them (The Boomers at 50 and 60 years of age) as kids that should be seen and not heard. They claim they are not willing to be treated as kids and would volunteer if they (the Boomers) were treated as adults who can think and make good decisions on how to do something.

Well the time is upon us Boomers. It is our turn.The time to step up to the plate is now and prove that we will and do volunteer.

The Drivers are slowly but surely no longer able to volunteer. Boomers are becoming available. Councils and not for profits all need volunteers.

Boomers! Are the Drivers correct….we are lazy….or are we going to take our turn and show them we can and do.