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It’s been a long time since I have been in a pool and I mean a long time. So it is with some trepidation that I have accepted an opportunity to participate in the MS Mighty swim.

The MS Mighty Swim, as the name implies, is a fund raising even for Multiple Sclerosis. In it’s eight year it will be held (as always) at the Unley Pool at the Forestville Reserve this weekend over the two days.

My contribution in the past has been to donate $ on behalf of one of the regular participants, who I know well. This year I am hitting the pool, along with Mayor Lachlan Clyne, and the Minister at St Augustine’s Anglican Church, the Rev. Peter Chilver.

Hoping I can do it justice.

Funds are needed for Multiple Sclerosis and the City of Unley have not only entered teams in the swim but have helped out with modification sat the pool. In the words of my good friend:

I’ve been training twice a week at the Unley pool and the new hoist to get people confined to wheelchairs into the pool is FANTASTIC – a wonderful venture by the Unley Council with some assistance from the proceeds of past Mighty Swims.  The hoist is so much easier to use, and more importantly, safer, than the old one was.  Congratulations to the Council for their wisdom and support of this initiative!

Glad to help!