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In response the issue I raised last year and reported on in a post on this blog site on 29 November 2012 our management have confirmed they will be investigating the issues caused by recent changes to traffic direction imposed without our sanction.

In that post I highlighted the civil disobedience that has occurred since the traffic direction was changed.

The changes were prompted apparently to address concerns about accidents in the intersection. The changes of course have made no difference to traffic as drivers are disobeying the direction notices. This means that the changes can have no impact on reducing accidents.

By my own observations some drivers have started by obeying the direction signage but then frustrated by having to wait for multiple light changes and seeing others disobey, they too disobey. Others simply do not see the signage as it is concealed by other vehicles, meaning they disobey without being aware.

All in all a mess that must be cleaned up.

Strangely we are advised that DPTI cannot approve changes until results of a SIDRA Traffic Modelling program used to determine which outcomes offer the best traffic flow efficiency are available. This will require new data collection, and to ensure the validity of that data

Collection of that data of course will not take place until school has resumed. It would be a waste otherwise.

Seems like a whole waste of time to correct a wrong but Government is Government I guess. And quite frankly I don’t know how they are going to conduct this to obtain worthwile information on which to amke a decision.