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Back on the 30th May I posted a blog on my assessment of whatever or not homes were at risk as a result of and during the various rail projects being undertaken through the western suburbs of the City of Unley. 

The Eastern Courier, via reporter John Stokes, has taken up this issue and received the undertaking from DPTI that they will rectify damage. Quoting from the article

“Where damage is proven to be caused by construction activities, the department and/or its contractors will rectify the damage.”

She said if homes had not been inspected residents could contact the department or organise their own inspection.

His article can be accessed here

A tip to anyone not in the Goodwood Junction area. If you feel you home has been affected contact the department.

And a  tip to DPTI, homes within 25 metres i suggest was a mistake. My house is 30 metres away and it was impacted upon.