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I revealed in a post on this blog site back on the 4th of this month evidence that would support the projections of population growth in this great city of ours.

Today I read a summary on the Federal Governments 3rd Annual State of Australian Cities report of December 2012. It made once again for interesting reading.

Some highlights from this include:

Ø  Australia’s population in 2011 was 22,485,300, having increased by 2.95m between 2001 and 2011, an increase of well in excess of 10% in just 10 years. The majority of this increase was albeit in Sydney & Melbourne, with many areas noted as having grown by 2% and more in the same time.

Ø  There was a sharp increase in the proportion of the population living in the capital cities of most states and territories between 2001 and 2001

Ø  The gap between population and housing supply is now the largest and most sustained in a century.

Ø  Housing occupancy rates, on the decline over the previous decades has now stabilised at around 2.57 people per dwelling (an increase from 2006).

Ø  New houses in Australia, as has been the case in my time on the planet, have become the largest in the world, although there has been little or no growth for a decade and unit size has fallen.

There is clearly an issue moving forward that does need addressing.