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Another observation from residents affected by the Regeneration Zone suggested in DPA2 is why not push that to the main traffic corridors.

This is an observation that has credence. I say this because this is exactly what we did with DPA 3,the Main Roads Corridor which we alluded to in another blog post today.

Certainly that was our focus back then, protecting the suburban streets behind the main corridor road. This means the current DPA would appear to be a break from that strategy and one without any obvious justification.

So in that center area the main road is the focus. At the fringes the suburban streets behind the main road is the focus.

The suggestion that I have read from you is this is the strategy we should employ, a strategy consistent with our previous paradigm. It is a strategy that we should look at and not dismiss in preference for the draft for regeneration currently in front of us.

I would say the main rad corridors should include Unley (already does), Cross, South, Goodwood (on the list to consider), Fullarton (in this plan) and Glen Osmond. Suggestions that streets such as East Avenue and Leah Street over here in the west and Duthy Street in the east I do not agree with. The streets, albeit carrying a large commuter volume of traffic are residential streets and are too narrow to contemplate such.