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In a complete surprise to me the City Strategy & Policy Committee last night voted to approve the original concept for Kelvin Avenue.

As most of you would know this project pre-dates my time on Council, having been conceived by my Goodwood South predecessor Les Birch. It started way back then under the title of “pocket park” as a road closure, and was approved by a majority of respondents to a community survey at that time.

The project lapsed and came back to council not long after I started with council. It again received community support but there were a number of residents strongly opposed to it.

A compromise was sought and what has been termed a driveway link was put to residents. This too gained majority support, but again with a number strongly opposed. I do note that a number for and against this option expressed a preference for the original.

At the time it was my feeling that Council would back the original motion but the alternate was accepted for inclusion into this years budget.

Last night it came back to City Strategy and I honestly thought they (elected members) would stay with their last view on the project. Again I was wrong.

Jennie & I put the motion for the option we felt had majority support and it got voted down. Cr Peter Hughes then put a motion for the original concept design and this was overwhelmingly supported.

Well —— I never was a betting man.


Apologies to anyone out there who I shared my prediction with.

It does have to be rubber stamped at council but I refuse to put my money down~!