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Written responses to the Kelvin Avenue closure are due in 9 days.

Having door knocked the immediate area I believe I now have a good feeling for how my neighbours view this project. I keenly await however the results of the consultation arranged by Council’s administration, which I expect to receive in the week prior to it being considered by Council.

Watch this space for news of this.

In the meantime I can say that my own consultation has revealed some very legitimate concerns surrounding access to and traffic flow at the Mills Street, East Avenue intersection. I can say to you all that these issues have been pointed out to our Manager for Transport & Traffic.

I have just returned from the intersection having spent some time with him observing traffic behaviour.  A number of initiatives were discussed and I expect that we will see action taken to address these, no matter what the result of the Kelvin Avenue survey.

They include:

1    The need to ensure the no right turn sign (into Millswood Crescent) in Mills is visible to drivers.
2    Another no turn right sign is installed on the east side of that intersection as extra warning.
3    Yellow line marking (to provide no parking) to be provided on both sides of Mills Street to ensure access/egress to/from East Avenue into Mills Street. This will assist west bound cars to be able to turn north and south with more ease.
4    A possibility of providing a keep clear on East Avenue, immediately opposite Mills Street, designed to allow Mills Street traffic turning north to enter East Avenue.
5    Requesting the Department of Transport, Engineering and Infrastructure (DTEI) to line mark the rail crossing as there is a risk of queuing across the line in peak hour traffic.
6    Requesting from DTEI also, repairs to a loose rail track.

This should make life better for us locals.