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DPTI recently approved Unley’s application to reduce the speed limit along King William Road and an application to reverse a poor decision on our part to change the lights at Park/Mitchell Streets.

Council, as previously reported in this blog made application earlier this year to reduce the speed limit on King William Road between Park & Mitchell Streets in the south and Mary Street in the north. We received news this was approved this week by DPTI.

This should help make this shopping strip a much safer place for pedestrians and therefore a more enticing strip to shop at.

Also approved was the undoing of a mistake on the part of council to change the directional line markings at the corner of King William Road and Park, Mitchell Streets. As the elected member to first highlight this error I am gratified to see that the rectification is possible.

What I believe will happen is the east bound traffic will remain as is by consensus. In other words the east only traffic and east turning north traffic directional markings will remain the same.

The horror of west only traffic having to wait on west turning north traffic while the little used west turning south only lane is little used will be addressed. This means this traffic, which far exceeds in volume the turning south traffic, will no longer have to wait up to 4 turns of the lights in peak hour traffic because they are forced to wait behind those wanting to turn north.

Good to see that common sense has prevailed and the errors of local government are corrected.